The 1st Infantry Division Band is the musical ambassador for the United States' premier fighting force. The Big Red One Band represents the 1st Infantry Division for military ceremonies and the communities that support the American Soldier. Capable of performing a variety of music, the 38-member ensemble frequently entertains audiences with light overtures, marches, show tunes, and big band music of the 40s and 50s.


The 1ID Band is available for performances on Fort Riley and in the surrounding communities making up the Midwest region, as well as national events throughout the United States. The band is flexible and can adjust performances and parades for your community.

The following are examples of events in which the 1ID Band has participated:

  • K-State/Fort Riley Day, K-State's Wagner Field
  • Welcome Home/Veteran's Salute, Junction City
  • Veteran's Day Parade, Manhattan
  • Christmas Concert, Marquette
  • Holiday Concert, K-State's McCain Auditorium

Historical Note of Interest

One notable example of the use of bands in Vietnam was the "Thunder Road" incident, which received national publicity. Major General John Hay, Commanding General of the 1st Infantry Division, ordered his band to march down "Thunder Road" for a distance of one mile while playing the march Colonel Bogey. This road was critical to the division but was under the control of a North Vietnamese Army regiment located less than a mile away. The enemy confused by the action withdrew from the area. The 1st Infantry Division Band fulfilled a remarkable combat mission without firing a shot.

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