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News | April 19, 2023

Kansas Representatives visit the 1st Infantry Division

By 1ID Public Affairs

RELEASE NO. 23-008

FORT RILEY, Kan. – The 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley welcomed 18 Kansas State Legislatures during a visit to the installation that included tours of facilities and equipment and meetings with Big Red One Soldiers.

The Kansas state representatives were greeted by 1ID and Fort Riley officials before proceeding to tour the installation; for many, this was their first visit to the 170-year-old Army base. The group participated in various 1ID and Fort Riley Garrison hosted activities that included a luncheon with 1ID Soldiers and a visit to a unit motor pool where members viewed a M1A2 Abrams tank, an M2A3 Bradley, a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, and other Army equipment.

“The best part of today was simply sitting with the Soldiers at lunchtime; I’ve always enjoyed being with the troops,” said Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Dodson, Kansas representative for District 67. “Sitting with these Big Red One Soldiers and listening to their individual stories and learning their lives is enjoyable.”

The Kansas Legislatures also had the opportunity to visit the installation’s simulation center. Once inside, the members viewed simulators that are programmed to mimic the action and movement of military equipment. In this case, the Legislatures were placed inside a Bradley and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.

“I think Soldiers are just the best people there are,” said Nathan Butler, a Kansas Representative for District 68. “It’s important that people in the local and surrounding communities know who Fort Riley is. Fort Riley, Kansas, has a lot to offer, and I think we have the best right here.”

The 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley enjoys a great partnership with our communities that is rooted in our shared history. Events such as today’s visit give us an opportunity to come together and continue to build our strong relationship

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