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News | May 9, 2023

1ID Races to Re-enlist Soldiers at NASCAR Meet Your Army Event

By 1ID Public Affairs

RELEASE NO. 23-009

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – During the 2023 NASCAR Advent Health 400 annual race, Soldiers assigned to the 1st Infantry Division made the ultimate commitment for the second time, by raising their right hand and swearing their honor and service to the United States of America during a mass re-enlistment ceremony held before the race.

The 1st Inf. Div. Soldiers arrived on Kansas Speedway track bright and early on May 7 and prepared for a day of recognition and excitement leading up to the re-enlistment ceremony and one of NASCAR’s biggest races of the season. Those who attended Sunday’s race received an up-close look at 1IDs static displays, greeting men and women who serve as Military Policemen, accompanied by their working dogs and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Soldiers – Soldiers who dispose of bombs for a living. Most took the opportunity to snap photos with the Soldiers and their furry companions.

Opportunities like this provide an incredible chance for U.S. Army Soldiers to redisplay their commitment to their country while connecting with the local Kansas City community, allowing all the chance to tell the Army and the 1st Infantry Division story by engaging with those attending today’s event,” said Mr. Pat Warren, the President of Kansas Speedway, a 1st Infantry Division distinguished trooper, and a CASA for the Greater Kansas City Area. “This event is special for our re-enlistees as their friends and family who are not here can watch the event on national television. I’d like to believe that this is special for those in the stands watching, proud of these U.S. Army servicemen and women.”

After the conclusion of the national anthem, sung by Master Sgt. Jennifer Champagne, the operations sergeant for the 1ID band, the re-enlistment ceremony kicked off as Brig. Gen. Dean Thompson, commanding general of the 353rd Civil Affairs Command, had the Soldiers raise their right hands and prepare to recite the oath of office. After the completion of the oath-taking ceremony, the recognized Soldiers rushed off the field to eagerly hug their family and friends after high-fiving one another.

“I believe it’s important for divisions to lend as much support to the U.S. Army recruiting mission as possible,” said Master Sgt. Jennifer Champagne, Operations Sergeant for the 1ID band. “1IDs participation in today’s event lends our support to the bigger Army picture in many ways. From having our recruiters out here to meet locals; to having our Soldiers interact with civilians, both entities inform the local populace about the many positive aspects of joining the Army. The things we do here today matter.”

The Big Red One continues to prioritize Meet Your Army by connecting citizens to meet and engage with Soldiers.

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